The Quartz sleeve not removed since installation 🤮.

And YOU the public completely unaware your drinking NON POTABLE water.

This is not good enough – and yet common in NZ.

We don’t take our drinking water seriously, and we don’t value other people’s health very much.

Surely the public expectation that water in a public place is safe to use – ie it would not make you sick?

We regularly see this kind of thing.
The regulations around this are slack and there isn’t a consistent set of requirements for commercial operators and regular regulated tests.

In this case the premise would be visited by 300-500 people per day and their only requirement was to do an Ecoli water test every 2 years.

So that’s a potential of 182,500 people per year using contaminated water at public commercial premises where you would expect the water to be safe to use.

With business being run now under very tight conditions with low margins, how do we control this?

Business owners are completely unaware/ignorant/ complacent of their responsibility/legal obligations unless a regulatory body lays down the law and then has the power to close them down when they don’t comply.

It’s easy to bypass current standards and test. And no enforceable action for non-compliance.

I have seen first-hand commercial businesses, farmers, landlords, hotels, lodges, and Air BnB places temporarily shock a system and take a water test to pass a test. Without installing or servicing a system that will continually provide clean healthy trusted water from every tap or any tap in most cases.

I am not a fan of unnecessary regulations, however, in this case, I can guarantee hundreds of people would have been sick and none of them had a clue as to where they picked up a bug.

A picture speaks a thousand words.
I can’t see any other way of forcing commercial premises to comply to a basic 1st world health standard.

We need more regulation, 1 rule for all and empowerment to enforce.
Will this happen?
Who knows? I feel like saying “yea right”

Maybe a new Nationwide body will be the answer?

My guess is we are years away from any new governing body actually making new law and new regulations to guarantee the public safety. In the meantime – be careful where you wash your hands and what you drink from!

As always, our mission is keeping your drinking water safe 1 tap at a time.

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Cheers Steve