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Hi, Steve here from Aqua Filter Rodney.

I want to tell you why I first started getting interested in water filtration in 1998. I had spent several years travelling our planet and was amazed at how the water tasted different in each part of the world. This was compounded by different water in friends different homes in the Rodney District.

We have a mixture or water sources in Rodney of rainwater harvesting (tank water), mains water (some from Auckland and some from bores, Snells Beach, Algies Bay) and some from rivers, plus some homes drawing from surface waters like springs and creeks. This means the water quality can be vastly different in each home you visit, and not all of it is safe.

Living in Snells Beach in 1998 I couldn’t believe how much chlorine was in the town supply, heaps more than what I had been used to in the UK or USA. The whole house would stink when the dishwasher went on and it vented out into the kitchen, I couldn’t drink the water straight from the tap and every time I had a shower I thought I had been in a public swimming pool. I was also experiencing problems at a local college with their ‘slimy’ bore and rainwater; then we moved rurally, and we were harvesting our own rainwater – with no filtration what so ever!

This triggered an interest for me in drinking water quality, I had previously been designing water systems in the agricultural sector so the switch to domestic, rural and commercial was straightforward. Its been 18 years now that we have been making the water safe in Rodney’s homes, having started in 2000.

Back then my tagline was “purifying today’s water 1 tap at a time”, today we have changed that into a more thought-provoking statement – “if you don’t have a filter – YOU are the filter”

We are committed to service, providing the best advice and solutions, so that you know your water is safe to drink from every tap. Call us today on 0212787427 for a free on-site appraisal at your place.

Cheers Steve


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