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Covering the Rodney District, Coast to Coast from Mangawhai to Albany

Hi, Steve here from Aqua Filter Rodney,

I want to tell you why I first started getting interested in water filtration in 1998. I had spent several years travelling our planet and was amazed at how the water tasted different in each part of the world. This was compounded by different water in friends different homes in the Rodney District.

We have a mixture or water sources in Rodney of rainwater harvesting (tank water), mains water (some from Auckland and some from bores, Snells Beach, Algies Bay) and some from rivers, plus some homes drawing from surface waters like springs and creeks. This means the water quality can be vastly different in each home you visit, and not all of it is safe.

Living in Snells Beach in 1998 I couldn’t believe how much chlorine was in the town supply, heaps more than what I had been used to in the UK or USA.  The whole house would stink when the dishwasher went on and it vented out into the kitchen, I couldn’t drink the water straight from the tap and every time I had a shower I thought I had been in a public swimming pool. I was also experiencing problems at a local college with their ‘slimy’ bore and rainwater; then we moved rurally, and we were harvesting our own rainwater – with no filtration what so ever!

This triggered an interest for me in drinking water quality, I had previously been designing water systems in the agricultural sector so the switch to domestic, rural and commercial was straightforward. Its been 18 years now that we have been making the water safe in Rodney’s homes, having started in 2000.

Back then my tagline was “purifying today’s water 1 tap at a time”, today we have changed that into a more thought-provoking statement – “if you don’t have a filter – YOU are the filter”

We are committed to service, providing the best advice and solutions, so that you know your water is safe to drink from every tap. Call us today on 0212787427 for a free on-site appraisal at your place.

Cheers Steve

  • You have been referred to us by another client, most of our new clients meet us this way
  • You have an issue like smelly, foul-tasting water and need help straight away
  • You don’t trust your drinking water
  • You want drinking water free from chemicals and heavy metals or fluoride
  • Your harvesting rainwater and want to make sure your set up is the best possible, and want a free onsite check
  • You have no water! your water pump has stopped working and need urgent assistance
  • You want to upgrade your drinking water with better technology for peace of mind
  • We are easy to work with, easily contactable and we are a friendly team
  • Experience matters, so you get the right advice first time
  • We offer peace of mind, healthy solutions and products
  • We are a trusted service company, same clients for over 18 years since 2000
  • We do what we say we will do, on time and as quoted
  • We have your water sorted, year in year out with on-time planned service scheduling.

“We are committed to providing 100% Customer Satisfaction, this is our AQUA GUARANTEE”

  • Free onsite appraisals, so we can match the right product with your personalised setup
  • Free onsite WoF detailed report for tank water users
  • On time planned maintenance service at your place, arranged to suit you
  • We use certified products, NSF, Watermark, WQA (Water Quality Association)
  • Certified Installers and fully trained service technicians
  • Service for all major brands or pumps and filtration especially UV filter systems
  • Full Service, Sales and Installation

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Water Issues Rodney Area

Water Issues

Tank Water – Microbiological Contaminants

These can include bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Viruses like Hepatitis A & E, Norovirus and Calcivirus. As well as Protozoan parasites like Giardia.

Living organisms are likely to be present intermittently and the number of them present will vary. These are commonly found in rainwater supplies, as well as in surface waters, springs and shallow or unsecured bores.

Birds pooping on your roof are the main carriers, however its also common to find small birds, snails, vermin, and insects in your tank water in Rodney, depending on your particular rain-harvesting installation.

Mains Water – Chemical/Mineral/Heavy Metal Contaminants

Most town supplies have chlorine in them for our safety, but consumers do find the taste and or smell unacceptable.

Watercare uses a variety of processes, some chemical in treating the water before it gets to your tap. This is what gives the taste and smell in mains water. Hatfields Beach, Orewa, Whangaparoa, Red Beach, Millwater, Sliverdale & Kumeu all have chlorinated water from Auckland, this water also has Fluoride added to it.

Helensville/Parakai has water supplied from Mangakura Dam 1 and Sandhills Weir supply. An upgrade to the treatment plant has improved water quality, however, quality filtration can reduce the chemical and sediment loading.

Welsfords main water supply is from the Hoteo River. It’s fairly high in sediment and chlorine and needs quality filtration to improve the taste.

Warkworth’s Water supply is currently a mixture of bore water and river water. Its heavily chlorinated, and fairly dirty but is fluoride free. There is a new bore supply coming online before the end of 2018 which is hoped will improve the quality of water and future-proof the towns water supply as the population expands by 5 times in the next 10 years.

Snells Beach/Algies Bay has a unique supply from 3 bores that feed it. Its also heavily chlorinated, but is fairly clean and sediment free. This water has a uniquely high mineral content which causes major issues with any shiny surface like your shower glass or your car or windows. We have a unique solution for this unique water content.

Heavy Metals are an issue on all plumbed installations. Metals can leach from the metal fittings used in your home or treatment plants such as lead, nickel, cadmium and copper. Some taps/faucets are known to leach lead into the water. Watercare on advice from the Ministry of Health recommends you flush your taps for  500ml after several hours without using water.

Bore Water – Mineral/Sediment Contaminants

Bore water in Rodney can have multiple issues and these can be unique from each location. Generally, if your going down over 200meters the water is of a better quality

Northern and coastal Rodney can have issues with boron, chlorides and salt intrusion. Other areas with shallow bores can be brackish and unsuitable for human consumption. Generally, our bores can be moderatly high in silica, calcium/hardness, iron and manganese. There is also evidence nitrates levels are increasing in some areas. Each contaminant often needs a different approach to treatment to make sure the water is safe to drink.

We always recommend a full chemical water test on every bore before we make recommendations for treatment. Contact us for details 0212787427

Rodney Service Areas

  • Waipu – Mangawhai

  • Warkworth – Mahurangi

  • Matakana – Leigh

  • Warkworth

  • Puhoi – Kaipara

  • Orewa – Red Beach

  • Millwater – Milldale

  • Silverdale – Whangaparoa

  • Mahurangi West – Okura

  • Waiwera – Kaukapakapa

  • Waitoki – Wainui

  • Helensville – Kumeu

  • Riverhead – Huapai

  • Coatesville – Paremoremo

  • Dairy Flat – Albany North


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